Kyu Say's "I think, Victoria f (x) is a woman different from other women. He has a different beauty" how it is so sweet !! and than, Vic Say's " I always think I am nothing and nobody, but Kyuhyun always told me 'victoria, you are the best' !!! so, I LOVE KYUTORIA !!!

Rabu, 19 Januari 2011



Omg, omg I just watched a video from last year where Super Junior-M, f(x) and other K-Pop groups were singing in a concert in China. When Victoria was singing her part, I spotted Kyuhyun smiling widely behind her. That’s KyuToria moment right there!
If this was not enough, well, I watched this video that f(x) were on Heechul’s radio show Youngstreet and I think every member had to text someone to ask for nicknames. Heechul asked Victoria who she texted, she said Kyuhyun and Leeteuk. “Odd Song” was the nickname Kyuhyun texted to her. They have each other’s numbers!

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